Vans Bnlx gave me a challenge to come up with an idea to make something timeless. As the 50 year anniversary of the brand will be in 2016, i’ve came up with the idea to follow the whole Vans Bnlx team for one year and document everything they do. Bringing this all together in a 312 page book, with a luxury feeling and touch. Limited amount of books, do get over to our shop and make sure you get your hands on one of the last copies that still excist.

Featuring the Vans Benelux teamriders:
Jonathan Thijs – Sebastiaan Vijverberg – Nick Bax – Timothy Deconynck – Bert Roeterdink – Yeelen Moens – Bastiaan van Zadelhoff – Jonathan Vlerick – Lex van der Does – Hans Claessens – Jeroen Sars